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Tomorrow is Better

Intends to give psycho-social support through musical therapy to Syrian children and adults as well as to people from every path of life.

To learn more and take part in the activities as a volunteer / Donor contact to :

Our Recent Workshops

More peace less fear event in Maribor/ Slovenia

Our first event in Europe was in the beautiful city Maribor at the National Liberation Museum as part of Maribor's peace program we were invited to have music workshops for 2 youth groups on February 16-17 2017. Accompanied by Uros Dokl for social games part. Our special thanks to the director Aleksandra Berberih-Slana , Uros Dokl and Anja Zalta for their huge efforts in making our tour in Europe possible. See the NEWS.

 Music Therapy for Syrian Women in Istanbul

As part of celebrating international women's day we collaborated with small project Istanbul SPI  and Istanbul&i in conducting a music therapy workshop for 16 Syrian women. Among our musical activities; singing circles, rhythmic games and instrument playing were highlight celebrated by women from every path of life.

Music for peace in the Netherlands

We had a great music session on February 28th 2017 In corporation with Stiching de vleet in the Netherlands. Rhythmic games, music activities and singing circle made 35 children (Dutch and Syrians) HAPPY at the end we enjoyed FALAFEL served by the big chef Diwana Mohammad. Music+food= good mood

See the full NEWS.

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