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Finalist at> 10.TRT International Documentary Awards

10. TRT Uluslararasi Belgesel Film Odulleri, ulusal profesyonel kategoride yarisan filmimiz Ballad for Syria icin gosterim gunleri ve saatleri ektedir. Eger ilk uce girersek, filmimiz TRT belgeselde 2 sene boyunca yayinlanacak, bu da tahminimizce dunya halklarinin biraradaligi adina bir katki ve umut olacaktir!

If our film makes it into first three during the competition run by Turkey's biggest national TV Broadcaster TRT, the film is going to be broadcast for the upcoming two years, hence our film will contribute to see and realise that we as Turkish and Syrians are not different at all, and that we can live together in harmony as we show in our film .One for all..

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