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Full House Screening in the Reitschule cinema of Bern Switzerland

Intimate distances, Eda Elif Tibet and Maisa Alhafez

Initimate Distances....our film has a lot of moments like these, when loved ones are reachable only virtually as Maisa connects to her love William in the Netherlands and her family in Syria mostly through Skype. This time, Maisa was on Skype for us as she could not join us in Bern due to her asylum process in the Netherlands...

Ballad for Syria screening full house

#Balladforsyria screening was #fullhouse. The audience has seen how a film transcended borders and became a tool of reconciliation, in the search of freedom and belonging. After seeing the inspiring musical story of sisterhood, love and reunion the night was followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers Maisa Alhafez and Eda Elif Tibet. Maisa answered the many questions and reported on her #asylum case. she reflected on how the film has changed her life. Our open buffet of börek and baklavas were also among the highlights of the night.Thanks to all for making it happen. Yours EthnoKino and Kino in der Reitschule.

Ballad for Syria Screening at ETHNOKINO

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