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United Beyond Borders at UN Geneva

Maisa Alhafez and her brother Safi Alhafez will be performing at UN Geneva together with Dr. Rama Mani to enact transformation among scholars, policy makers and activists.

Witness Reality, Awaken Possibilities; Envision Change and Enact Transformation with us!

If you are in the Geneva/Lyon area, please join us & share our creative insights.

Register for 4 July UN event at: Register for 6 July Impact Hub at:

Impact Hub Geneva and Theater of Transformation are happy to invite you on a co-creative journey of transformation to today’s warzones, refugee camps, and eco-sanctuaries through music, theatre, poetry and dance.

Discover the real-life testimonies and transformation of people facing violence and creating peace amidst war; who resist exploitation and generate ecological alternatives despite all odds; who turn their suffering to strength.

Join us in creating circles of solidarity between ‘us’ and ‘them’, and rediscover that ‘they’ are ‘us’. Join us in a participatory transformative journey to ignite our humanity and creativity, to celebrate our diversity, and to unite across borders to shape our shared future.

Theatre of Transformation Academy as a non-profit NGO in Geneva, and Enacting Global Transformation collaborative initiative as a research project at the Centre for International Studies at the University of Oxford.

The Theatre of Transformation Academy was established by a stellar Founding Circle of 27 eminent personalities from all continents, professions and ages, all of whom have contributed to shaping the Theatre of Transformation’s methodology over the past years.

The Academy’s Purpose is to support the creative power of humanity to shape our shared future, through our transformative Process and Programmes.

Our Philosophy is to create circles of solidarity between ‘them’ and ‘us’, and we direct all gifts and honoraria received towards our peace missions that support communities in transcending crises, and our transformative programmes on critical global issues.

The Enacting Global Transformation Initiative is guided by an Advisory Group of illustrious scholars, policy makers and practitioners from the University of Oxford and from around the world.

Its PURPOSE is to re-examine and redefine prevailing paradigms of power, and to foster pioneering research and launch visionary initiatives that respond humanely and creatively to today’s global crises.

If you are further afield, please do join us via livestream on Facebook at , and we’d love to receive your comments!

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